Rancid-Telegraph Avenue

Rancid-Telegraph Avenue


Rancid is a delightful punk band hailing from Bay Area, California. 

I remember when Rancid came out with their phenomenal album "And Out Come the Wolves", I was 15 yrs old laid up in the hospital about to have major surgery when a nurse with red hair and green eyes
let me listen "And Out Come The Wolves" on her portable cd player after she found out I listen to the punk bands  Bad Religion, NOFX, and Black Flag- what a kick ass nurse she was.

Okay, now it's time to do a mini-review.

Rancid new song "Telegraph Avenue" from their latest album, "Trouble Maker," is very catchy and moving, leaving "Telegraph Avenue" memorable and permeating the punk rock soul to stay true to oneself.  Go check out Rancid latest album Trouble Maker.

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