Lande Hekt - Romantic


Lande Hekt - Romantic


Lande Hekt - Romantic
Lande Hekt - Romantic
 Lande Hekt is a indie pop/punk musician from Bristol, United Kingdom.  Lande Hekt latest "7" inch release Romantic features the song:  Romantic which is a song about "struggling to fit in, feeling down
and finding comfort in romance. "-Lande Hekt  

The B-Side of this lovely "7" inch, is a cover of the band The Wedding Present song ‘Octopussy” from their 1991 album Seamonsters , which  is  beautifully done by  Lande Hekt

Lande Hekt sound is reminiscent of indie pop icons Jen Turell, Lauren Watling, and Myra.  Go check out Lande Hekt ,


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Yard Of Blondes - Do You Need More

Yard Of Blondes

Yard Of Blondes
Yard Of Blondes

  Yard Of Blondes is Alternative/Grunge band from Los Angeles, California.   Yard Of Blondes is  delightfully edgy that reminds me those beautiful days gone by of the 1990's. If I were to travel back to sweet era of 90's I could imagine seeing the Yard of Blondes playing on the alternative music stage with likes of : Sonic Youth, Knapsack, Man Will Surrender, and dare I say, Sunny Day Real Estate.

  Yard Of Blondes up and coming album Feed The Moon that be released in February 2021 is the result of the band’s collaboration with Billy Graziadei (legendary founder of NYC hardcore band Biohazard) who produced the album. Mike Patterson (Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck..) took care of the mix, and Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More) mastered the album. 

Check out Yard OF Blondes newest single, "Do You Need More."  

Band Members:

Vincent Jacob: Vocals / Guitars
Fanny Hill: Vocals / Bass
Burak Yerebakan : Guitars
Forrest Mitchell: Drums

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The Art Of Safecracking - The Matt Hyde Recordings

The Art Of Safecracking

The Art Of Safecracking is a delightful post-hardcore band from the lovely Southern California City- Los Angeles.  In their first album titled: The Matt Hyde Recordings,  you can hear a blend of post-punk goodness with sounds that's reminiscent of a few bands that's embedded in mind as I write this post such as: the Washington, Dc band, "Fugazi", and the Omaha,Nebraska band, "Cursive", along with the New York City band,"Quicksand."

Some of you folks who took the time to read this might be saying what an interesting title for a first album, and wondering who the heck is Matt Hyde? Well I'm going tell you and you might be pleasantly surprised, Matt Hyde is an American producer, engineer, mixer, and musician that has been credited for working on as an engineer, producer, and mixing on some notable albums from top bands such as: Slayer, Porno For Pyros, Sum 41, Monster Magnet, Deftones, and now the band your reading about, "The Art of Safecracking."

Go check out The Art of Safecracking and show them some love by supporting them and spreading the word about them and their music.

The Art Of Safecracking is:

Lance Webber - Vocals,Guitar
Carlos Gutierrez - Guitar,Backups, Claps
Melanie Makaiwi - Bass, Screams
Angie Scarpa - Drums, Moog, Sampled Noises

The Art Of Safecracking Social Media:

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Vice Squad - I Dare To Breathe

Vice Squad - I Dare To Breathe

Vice Squad - I Dare To Breathe
Vice Squad 
Vice Squad is a legendary female fronted punk rock band from London, England.
Vice Squad has put out some of the most amazing punk rock since the late 1970's, and their latest single "
I Dare To Breathe" from I Dare To Breathe E.P. is no exception of being Amazing. 

Check out Vice Squad's latest video titled, "I Dare To Breathe," in this blog post.  And may I suggest support Vice Squad by purchasing their merchandise and spreading the word about them, they're 100%, a DIY band.

Vice Squad 

Beki - Vocals/Guitar
Paul -  Lead Guitar/Vocals
Wayne - Bass/Vocals
Django - Drums

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Law Abiding Citizens - Social Hacker


Law Abiding Citizens - Social Hacker

Law Abiding Citizens
Law Abiding Citizens
 Law Abiding Citizens is a delightful west coast hardcore punk band from California's Bay Area.  Their sound is that classic and refreshing 80's punk that's reminiscent of 7 Seconds, Reagan Youth, and dare I say Gang Green.  

 Now that you have my take on Law Abiding Citizens, why not take a listen their song: "The Justification Begins" from their 2017 Social Hackers EP.  

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Dog Party-Hit & Run


Dog Party

Dog Party - Hit & Run
Dog Party is a punk band from Sacramento, California started by two sisters Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles. In 2016, Dog Party open up for the legendary east bay pop punk band Green Day during the North America Revolution Radio tour.

Flash forward to 2018, Dog Party has release their latest album title, "Hit & Run," and it's a splendid well crafted album that reminds of  some notable bands such as: Bratmobile, Red 5, Slant 6, and yes The Ramones.

Dog Party:

Gwendolyn Giles - Guitar/Vox
Lucy Giles - Drums/Vox

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The Interrupters - She's Kerosene


The Interrupters


The Interrupters is ska punk band from Los Angeles, California.  The Interrupters just released their third studio album, "Fight The Good Fight," by way of  Hellcat Records.  "Fight The Good Fight," was produce by Tim Armstrong, front man of the fame east bay punk band Rancid.

Mr. Tim Armstrong used his directing talents for The Interrupters latest video from their single called called, "She's Kerosene."   "She's Kerosene," is a fantastic empowered upbeat song that will go down as a So-Cal Ska Punk gem.

Check out "She's Kerosene" here , and then go support The Interrupters by buying their album.

The Interrupters:

Aimee Interrupter - Vocals
Kevin Bivona - Guitar
Justin Bivona - Bass
Jesse Bivona - Drums
Hellcat Records

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Honeychain - Happy House




The power-pop band Honeychain has done it again their lastest music video by covering Siouxsie & the Banshees song “Happy House” from Siouxsie & the Banshees 1980’s album Kaleidoscope.  
Take a seat Ladies and Gentlemen and let Honeychain take you on trip to the, “Happy House,” its an adventure you will never forget.


Hillary Burton - Vocals/Guitar
Andre Tusques - Bass
Loye Aubrey Jr.- Drums 


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L.A. Tooze - More In Store


L.A. Tooze 


L.A. Tooze
L.A. Tooze and band is a indie rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  In L.A. Tooze newest single, "More In Store," the listener can hear a myriad influences from the 1960's folk-rocker Donovan to the 1980's jangle pop group The Smiths, and a more recently notable band Beirut
L.A. Tooze "More In Store" opening  lyrics sets the whole song up for a dreamy classical exploration of unknown for the listener.

Check out "More In Store" by L.A. Tooze here:

L.A. Tooze:      

L.A. Tooze - Vocals/Guitar
Scotty Sippel - Drums
Will Kencel - Bass



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The Mysterious Experience - Yugen


The Mysterious Experience


The Mysterious Experience is a Psychedelic Alternative Indie Rock/ Pop band from the great City of Angels- Los Angeles, California. In The Mysterious Experience latest song title,"Yugen," the listener will take a delightful trip to time when bands like: The Pyramid, The Sundowners, and yes that famous band across the pond, The Beetles were being played on turntables and the radio waves. If you don't believe me just open ears and listen.

The Mysterious Experience:

Christopher Fuentes - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Daniel Barnes - Drummer
Ivan Oliva - Rhythm Guitar
Dakota Metzger - Bass
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The White Lakes - All Night


The White Lakes

The White Lakes
The White Lakes is a  Alternative Rock Band from Oxford, England.  In their a latest video called All Night, I can hear what sounds like the guitar textures that reminds of U2's guitarist the Edge, and a slight hint of vocal styling of the Britpop band Oasis front man Liam Gallagher.

What more can I say about this four piece alternative band from Oxford, UK other than these fellas have a bright future ahead of them.

Check out the The White Lakes latest video "All Night"

The White Lakes: 

Matt - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Alex - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Charlie - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kyle - Drums
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STAND - Orange County Hardcore


STAND is a Hardcore band from Orange County, California, and has joined the Unity Worldwide Records family.

STAND's music is no obscure sound from Orange County, but a pitch fork piercing your insides with truth about social problems that plague our modern culture.

In STAND's first video called "Silence" a song off their new E.P.  title Broken Promises brings the silent epidemic of domestic violence to light.   Spread the word about this epic music video, and STAND.


Joel Bull - Vocals
Chris Loham - Guitar
Pete Sosa - Drums
Mike West - Bass

Unity Worldwide Records


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Strangelove - London Hip-Hop


Strangelove is a Hip-Hop trio from London England.  Strangelove  music has a  refreshing take on Hip-Hop and Rap, with their unique psychedelic-atmospheric sound and deep spoken word style lyrics that reminds me of old footage of the mad beat poets of a time gone by.

Check out Strangelove's video Lonely Souls ft. Bellatrix, a song from their  2017 five song E.P. title " E.P. 1 "

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