The Mysterious Experience - Yugen


The Mysterious Experience


The Mysterious Experience is a Psychedelic Alternative Indie Rock/ Pop band from the great City of Angels- Los Angeles, California. In The Mysterious Experience latest song title,"Yugen," the listener will take a delightful trip to time when bands like: The Pyramid, The Sundowners, and yes that famous band across the pond, The Beetles were being played on turntables and the radio waves. If you don't believe me just open ears and listen.

The Mysterious Experience:

Christopher Fuentes - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Daniel Barnes - Drummer
Ivan Oliva - Rhythm Guitar
Dakota Metzger - Bass
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The White Lakes - All Night


The White Lakes

The White Lakes
The White Lakes is a  Alternative Rock Band from Oxford, England.  In their a latest video called All Night, I can hear what sounds like the guitar textures that reminds of U2's guitarist the Edge, and a slight hint of vocal styling of the Britpop band Oasis front man Liam Gallagher.

What more can I say about this four piece alternative band from Oxford, UK other than these fellas have a bright future ahead of them.

Check out the The White Lakes latest video "All Night"

The White Lakes: 

Matt - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Alex - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Charlie - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kyle - Drums
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STAND - Orange County Hardcore


STAND is a Hardcore band from Orange County, California, and has joined the Unity Worldwide Records family.

STAND's music is no obscure sound from Orange County, but a pitch fork piercing your insides with truth about social problems that plague our modern culture.

In STAND's first video called "Silence" a song off their new E.P.  title Broken Promises brings the silent epidemic of domestic violence to light.   Spread the word about this epic music video, and STAND.


Joel Bull - Vocals
Chris Loham - Guitar
Pete Sosa - Drums
Mike West - Bass

Unity Worldwide Records


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Strangelove - London Hip-Hop


Strangelove is a Hip-Hop trio from London England.  Strangelove  music has a  refreshing take on Hip-Hop and Rap, with their unique psychedelic-atmospheric sound and deep spoken word style lyrics that reminds me of old footage of the mad beat poets of a time gone by.

Check out Strangelove's video Lonely Souls ft. Bellatrix, a song from their  2017 five song E.P. title " E.P. 1 "

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Violence Creeps

 Violence Creeps

Violence Creeps is a Punk Band from Oakland, California.  Violence Creeps are delightfully raw, in your face band that reminds of  Black Flag, L7, and 7 Year Bitch all wrapped up in a tight angst punk sushi roll. Mmm...sushi roll.

If  you hear a some great punk rock out of the small town of  Oakland, California with a female punk vocalist, then take a listen to the Violence Creeps.
Drunken Sailor Records
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Baical-YR LIPS

Baical-YR LIPS

Baical is a Post Punk Band from Halle (Saale), Germany. Baical has a romantic dreamy familiarity of  Ian Curtis- the beloved lead singer of the band Joy Division.   In Baical song YR LIPS from their first e.p. release title Euphoria is a perfect example of  the dreamy familiarity as I described in beginning of this post.

Check out Baical latest e.p. Euphoria  released by Black Verb and Manic Depression Records, and be on the look out for Baical's full length debut album coming in 2018.

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Rancid-Telegraph Avenue

Rancid-Telegraph Avenue


Rancid is a delightful punk band hailing from Bay Area, California. 

I remember when Rancid came out with their phenomenal album "And Out Come the Wolves", I was 15 yrs old laid up in the hospital about to have major surgery when a nurse with red hair and green eyes
let me listen "And Out Come The Wolves" on her portable cd player after she found out I listen to the punk bands  Bad Religion, NOFX, and Black Flag- what a kick ass nurse she was.

Okay, now it's time to do a mini-review.

Rancid new song "Telegraph Avenue" from their latest album, "Trouble Maker," is very catchy and moving, leaving "Telegraph Avenue" memorable and permeating the punk rock soul to stay true to oneself.  Go check out Rancid latest album Trouble Maker.
Hellcat Records
Epitaph Records

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