How did you come up with the name Sour Taste?
 It just popped in my head as I was listening to the band Crass.

Will you write about my bands music?
Oh yes, and yes.  Just use the contact form with a link to your website or music site

Will you conduct interviews?
Yes, hopefully in the near future.  Most likely  email interviews

Can I submit my poetry, art, stories, and hate mail to you?
Sure, contact first.  If  you send me hate mail It will probably be published

Who is Mike Sickly? 
Mike Sickly is the delightful fella that created Sour Taste Blog

Where Sour Taste Blog located?
Sour Taste is everywhere, even in the Indie Music Blog matrix. Seriously, Sour Taste is located somewhere in Los Angeles, CA 

How can I help Sour Taste? 
Aww-thanks.  If  you can please tell every one about the new music blog Sour Taste.