Manorlady- Some Chance Stay Cool

Manorlady is a Dream pop/Shoegaze band from Santa Cruz, California. Manorlady is has a blend of Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and that legendary indie pop sound made known by Slumberland Records.
Manorlady is: 
Aaron Bailey- guitar and vocals
Melissa Bailey-bass guitar and                        vocals
Cameron Bailey- drum

Check out their song"Some Chance Stay Cool from their 2016 Barely Not Dead  EP
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Chariots - Love Is The Weapon

Chariots is the brainchild of Oxford, England's own singer- songwriter and producer Tom Read. Chariots has a clean indie pop sound that will take a listener on a journey of contemplation in the debut E.P. In the song “Love Is The Weapon,” there is a very power and deep lyric:
We have turned our backs on things good men have died for,when we traded in our gospel for a gun.”
The rest of Chariots debut E.P. is just as poignant as the song, “Love Is The Weapon.”

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Gold Bears - Dalliance

Gold Bears is a jangle indie pop punk band from Atlanta, Georgia and is currently on Slumberland Records. The Gold Bears sound is refreshingly pure and poetic. For example, the opening lyrics to song Yeah, Tonight from the Gold Bears 2014 album Dalliance out is brilliantly written:
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The Dollyrots- Save Me

The Dollyrots is a delightful pop punk band from Los Angeles, California.  The Dollyrots pop punk sound has a blend of  Blink 182, The Go Go's, and with a touch of Joan Jet making the The Dollyrots a gem in the pop punk genre.  The Dollyrots is: Kelly Ogden (Vox, Bass), Luis Cabezas (Guitar, Vox)

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The Handsome Family - Gold

The Handsome Family is a Western Gothic/Alternative country duo consisting of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks.  The Handsome Family latest single titled "Gold" from their new album "Unseen" released in September 2016  is a masterpiece filled with vivid imagery that tells a poetic story from an outlaw's point of view.

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Go Betty Go - Reboot

Go Betty Go is a all-female  pop punk band from Los Angeles, California.  Go Betty Go has been in existence for since early 2000's and still rocking out.  In Go Betty Go latest e.p. release title "Reboot", tells a story of darkness, reclusiveness, rebellion  and at times mushy relationships from a punk rockers point of  view ,which makes Reboot an awesome punk e.p. for those true diy punkers.

Nicolette Vilar—lead vocals
Betty Cisneros—guitar
Michelle Rangel—bass
Aixa Vilar—drums


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L.A. Witch - Drive Your Car

L.A. Witch is a rock band from Los Angeles, California.  L.A. Witch has a beautiful dark 1960's reverb garage band sound that would intrigue the goth, emo,punk  and even those delightful cafe coffee drinking hipsters.  L.A. Witch's lead singer Sadie Sanchez vocals reminds me Hope Sandoval of the band Mazzy Star-which is fantastic.
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Honeychain is an alternative/pop punk band based in Los Angeles, California.  Honeychain is fronted by The Pandoras drummer Hillary Burton.  At the start of 2013 Honeychain released their catchy pop-punk ep "Futura"- all the songs are very infectious, especially the song "Lucky One."
 Honeychain will be releasing a new album sometime in 2016 and will be produced by The Muffs front woman Kim Shattuck.
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Universal Theory - Mystery Timeline

Universal Theory hails from Madrid, Spain.  Universal Theory has a blend of atmospheric elements mixed in with a little bit of goth that gives Universal Theory a dark romance appeal. 
The opening lyrics of  "Maybe" are poetic:  
"I´m Going To A Landscape  
An Unknown Place  
Where I Feel Fine Inside  
Where I Would Like To Stay A Long Time  
 So Far, So Near  
So Beauty And So Real"

 Universal Theory is: Jesus Pinilla: Guitars, Programming & Male Vocals
                                   Maria Jose Martos:  Female Vocals
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The Birthday Massacre - Toronto, Canada

The Birthday Massacre is a delightful synth pop/ new wave band with a hint of goth from Toronto, Canada.  Yes,  "Kill The Lights" is an old song from their 2007 album title "Walking With Strangers," I just had this song playing in my head on this sizzling day in Southern, California.

The Birthday Massacre did a beautiful job covering the song, "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James and the Shondells on their ep Looking Glass.  Some of you might know the song "I Think We're Alone Now" it was popularize by late 1980's pop icon Tiffany- go check out The Birthday Massacre's version it's way better.

The Birthday Massacre has a new album coming out and will be touring in the fall of 2016 in the UK, so be on the look out.
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The Barstool Saints - Everything Must Die

The Barstool Saints is metal/punk band from Ridgecrest, California. The Barstool Saints music is reminiscent of  The Cult, Danzig, and Cold.  The Barstool Saints song "Everything Must Die" should be playing on across indie and college radio, and do I dare say mainstream radio.
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OK Stupid - In My Bed

OK Stupid is a alternative punk band from Denver, Colorado with unique name and a great sound that was formed in early 2016.  OK Stupid released their self-title album titled, "OK Stupid" featuring the singles, In My Bed and Next Friday.   OK Stupid has a sound that takes me back to the great 1990's alternative music era.
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Frameworks - "Purge"

Frameworks is a screamo/emo band from Gainesville, Florida.  Frameworks has the melodic elements of Seattle, Washington emo band "Sunny Day Real Estate" and the hardcore styling of New York City band "Helmet", and you can hear the perfect blend in Frameworks latest video "Purge." 
Frameworks is currently signed to the Deathwish Inc.
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Amongst Thieves - Love Yourself

Amongst Thieves is a post hardcore five piece band from York, England. Amongst Thieves latest song release is a cover of Justin Bieber song " Love Your Self."  Amongst Thieves does a better job performing the song " Love Your Self" than Justin Bieber.   I've took the opportunity to listen to other musical works by Amongst Thieves and believe this band from York, England to be a contender to other major post-hardcore acts now touring.

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Death Valley Girls- Los Angeles, California

Death Valley Girls is a garage punk band from Los Angeles, California.  Death Valley Girls has an exquisite sound familiar to the Minneapolis, Minnesota band "Babes in Toyland."   Death Valley Girls has a new album out on the Burger Record label  titled  "Glow in the Dark."

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Pansy Division - "Quite Contrary"

Pansy Division is a queer punk band from San Francisco, California.   Pansy Division is currently on the Alternative Tentacles label own by punk icon Jello Biafra.  Pansy Division newest album titled "Quite Contrary" will be released in September 2016.

 Here is an older release from Pansy Division title " Fem In A Black Leather Jacket" from their "Undressed" released March 8, 1993.
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Cover Your Tracks - "Spin The Bottle"

Cover Your Tracks is a delightful band from Atlanta, Georgia that has an aggressive blend of "Linkin Park" and "Slipnot."  Cover Your Tracks is currently signed to the Epitaph label owned by punk icon Bret Gurewitz. Check out this delightful band and pleasure your ears by listening to Cover Your Tracks single called "Spin The Bottle."
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Tairrie B Heavy Metal Goddess

Tairrie B heavy metal goddess release a rap album title Vintages Curses.   Vintage Curses has all the great flavors  of old school west coast rap with an added ingredient of gothic which make this album a tasty treat for the Heavy Metal & Rap enthusiast.
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Bleeding Gums- ll

Bleeding Gums is a Chicago,Illinois garage punk band that sounds like the 1960's Detroit, Michigan band the "MC5" meets the Fearless Records band "At The Drive-In."  Bleeding Gums latest release title,"ll" is hard, fast , and kicks a bunch.

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The Cold Delirious Few - Christrina The Rat

The Cold Delirious Few intertwines a mixture  of styles from noise, shoegaze, bedroom punk, and pop all into one-creating beautiful avant-garde music. The Cold Delirious Few first track  title,"Christina The Rat" reminds of the beautiful shoegaze band "My Bloody Valentine" meets post- punk "Joy Division",what a delicious combination.

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14 Iced Bears - Come Get Me

The first time I heard the Brighton,England indie pop band 14 Iced Bears was when they put out the Come Get Me e.p. on Sara Records.  14 Iced Bears music takes the listener on a magical indie pop adventure.

Check out 14 Iced Bears here:
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The Royal-Arga

The Royal a metalcore band from the Netherlands that fuses progressive metal and metalcore beautifully in their latest video "Arga"  The Royal is a metal as it gets and will leave any die hard metal junkie craving more.  Check out their latest video "Arga."


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Bang It Out!- Steward Anderson

Bang It Out! is a superb podcast hosted by the indie living legend Steward Anderson of famed band Boyracer, former label owner 555 Recordings, and the newly boss of Emotional Response Records. Bang It Out! podcast features great indie music from twee pop to punk rock.  In episode #11, Bang It Out! featured an exclusive song by The Cannanes mixed from the previous week from their forthcoming LP/CD "Come By The Sea."

Check out the Bang It Out! podcast  Click Here
Emotional Response Records Click Here
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The Strange Party- Sacramento

The Strange Party from Sacramento, California is a Punk rock/Macabre rock band with some high intense tracks to nostalgia 1960's rock n roll sound for example the song 'Return of the Roaches' reminds of  Tommy James And The Shondells song "Crimson and Glover."  In my honest opinion I think The Strange Party is a Sacramento's musical gem.

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PMS 84-Self Titled EP

PMS 84 is a punk band from Portland,Oregon. Their Self-Titled EP is pure and hard punk rock that will make jump out of your  living room chair and start moshing- be careful not to break that retro living room lamp that you picked up at a yard sale.   I hope PMS 84 will put out a full length album.

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Woof-Ampullae Of Lorenzini

Woof is a synth pop artist from Montclair, NJ. Woof's track Ampullae Of Lorenzini  is reminiscence  of the Los Angeles, CA  electronic junk punk band "Babyland." After hearing the track  Ampullae Of Lorenzini I am thrilled to spread the word about Woof  on & offline.

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Great Collapse & Threads-Split

"The Great Collapse" did a split release with the "Threads" title for  the Boston, Massachusetts punk label Broken Rim Records. I found both of the bands on this split release refreshingly honest musically and lyrically.  It was delight to listen.

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The Mantles-All Odds End

The Mantles are splendid band from Oakland, California. They have the  familiar sound of 1960 rock icons Herman Hermits and The Lovin Spoonful- really cool.  Don't take my word, just go check them for yourself.

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Eureka California-Versus

Eureka California is rock n roll band hailing from Athens, Georgia. Their latest album title "Versus" is amazing and catchy, especially on the song  "Cobwebs on the Wind".   I really dig the opening lyrics of  Cobwebs on  the Wind, it goes like this:
Never said that I’d stay to the end
"That was pretend
Oh it was only pretend
And now it looks like it’s really the end."

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Nature Girl- Antecedent

Nature Girl is a socal band out of Los Angeles, Califorina. Nature Girl hits out the park with their debut e.p. Antecedent. "Song 5five5" sounds like emotional description of a long distant relationship- very good song.
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50 Foot Wave (Kristin Hersh "Throwing Muses")

Kristin Hersh of the famed band "Throwing Muses" has joined the Athens, Georgia independent label" Happy Happy Birthday To Me"roster with her latest band 50 Foot Wave.  50 Foot Wave   release on Happy Happy Birthday To Me  will be a new 6 track EP titled “Bath White."

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Closet Fiends

Closet Fiends is folk-punk musician,Sam Sadowski signed to Fat Wreck Chords. Closet Fiends song"Heroinsomnia" reminds me of the raw and pureness of a female version of Tom Waits.
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