Go Betty Go - Reboot

Go Betty Go is a all-female  pop punk band from Los Angeles, California.  Go Betty Go has been in existence for since early 2000's and still rocking out.  In Go Betty Go latest e.p. release title "Reboot", tells a story of darkness, reclusiveness, rebellion  and at times mushy relationships from a punk rockers point of  view ,which makes Reboot an awesome punk e.p. for those true diy punkers.

Nicolette Vilar—lead vocals
Betty Cisneros—guitar
Michelle Rangel—bass
Aixa Vilar—drums



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L.A. Witch - Drive Your Car

L.A. Witch is a rock band from Los Angeles, California.  L.A. Witch has a beautiful dark 1960's reverb garage band sound that would intrigue the goth, emo,punk  and even those delightful cafe coffee drinking hipsters.  L.A. Witch's lead singer Sadie Sanchez vocals reminds me Hope Sandoval of the band Mazzy Star-which is fantastic. 

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Honeychain is an alternative/pop punk band based in Los Angeles, California.  Honeychain is fronted by The Pandoras drummer Hillary Burton.  At the start of 2013 Honeychain released their catchy pop-punk ep "Futura"- all the songs are very infectious, especially the song "Lucky One."
 Honeychain will be releasing a new album sometime in 2016 and will be produced by The Muffs front woman Kim Shattuck.

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Universal Theory - Mystery Timeline

Universal Theory hails from Madrid, Spain.  Universal Theory has a blend of atmospheric elements mixed in with a little bit of goth that gives Universal Theory a dark romance appeal. 
The opening lyrics of  "Maybe" are poetic:  
"I´m Going To A Landscape  
An Unknown Place  
Where I Feel Fine Inside  
Where I Would Like To Stay A Long Time  
 So Far, So Near  
So Beauty And So Real"

 Universal Theory is: Jesus Pinilla: Guitars, Programming & Male Vocals
                                   Maria Jose Martos:  Female Vocals

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The Birthday Massacre - Toronto, Canada

The Birthday Massacre is a delightful synth pop/ new wave band with a hint of goth from Toronto, Canada.  Yes,  "Kill The Lights" is an old song from their 2007 album title "Walking With Strangers," I just had this song playing in my head on this sizzling day in Southern, California.

The Birthday Massacre did a beautiful job covering the song, "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James and the Shondells on their ep Looking Glass.  Some of you might know the song "I Think We're Alone Now" it was popularize by late 1980's pop icon Tiffany- go check out The Birthday Massacre's version it's way better.

The Birthday Massacre has a new album coming out and will be touring in the fall of 2016 in the UK, so be on the look out.

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The Barstool Saints - Everything Must Die

The Barstool Saints is metal/punk band from Ridgecrest, California. The Barstool Saints music is reminiscent of  The Cult, Danzig, and Cold.  The Barstool Saints song "Everything Must Die" should be playing on across indie and college radio, and do I dare say mainstream radio.   

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OK Stupid - In My Bed

OK Stupid is a alternative punk band from Denver, Colorado with unique name and a great sound that was formed in early 2016.  OK Stupid released their self-title album titled, "OK Stupid" featuring the singles, In My Bed and Next Friday.   OK Stupid has a sound that takes me back to the great 1990's alternative music era.

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