American Goner -Lula

American Goner 

American Goner is a Indie Raleigh North Carolina Alternative Rock n Roll band.  American Goner has great very creative lyrics and music that reminds me of  the alternative rock band Seven Mary Three, it's very evident in the song  "In The End We Were All We Ever Really Had." from their album Lula.  I America Goner has great potential and I hope they will keep moving forward and put out more music.  Check Out American Goner and spread the word about them.
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Iron Chic - My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)

Iron Chic is a decent Punk Band from Long Island NY that play songs that are acceptable.  Your probably thinking ,"Mike your a jerk for saying Iron Chic plays acceptable songs."  Yes, I'm in total agreement if I didn't read it from the Iron Chic own site description.  In my honest opinion Iron Chic is fantastic punk band with superb melodic power, weaved with exquisite emotional lyrics with a hint rebellion.

Check out Iron Chic song "My Best Friend (is a Nihilist") in their latest video from their upcoming album, "You Can't Stay Here" released in October 13, 2017 by SideOneDummy Records.
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Berthold City- Moment of Truth Demo '17

Berthold City is a Hardcore Straight Edge  Band from Los Angeles,Ca   I found out about this band from following RevHQ and War Records on  twitter. Berthold City- Moment of Truth Demo '17 has so much power that it gets your blood pumping with full of excitement. Berthold City reminds of the band "Chain Of Strength" another Straight Edge Band from Southern California.  I hope Berthold City will turn their Moment Of Truth Demo into a full length album, and hopefully it 'll spark a resurgence  of the L.A. Straight Edge Punk subculture.

Check Berthold City latest song from their Moment Of Truth Demo titled  ENOUGH!
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Fashion Week - Even When The Sun Goes Down

Fashion Week is an Alternative band from Columbus OH.  I was given the opportunity to listen to their latest song titled "Scars" yet to be release. Fashion Week did an amazing job with  "Scars" it's a very catchy tune with kick ass lyrics -it reminds me of  Caged The Elephant meets Imperial Teen. I hope Fashion Week will release "Scars" to the public soon, but until then here is another fantastic song from Fashion Week called "Even When The Sun Goes Down" From their 2016 E.P. titled "Murfreesboro", take a listen and spread the word.
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Brian McGrath - Robinson Woods

Brian McGrath is a singer songwriter from Chicago,IL that performs Americana/Folk music. In his latest video- performing his song, "Robinson Woods," from his latest album The Woods Are Burning, Brian McGrath has an iconic sound that's reminds me of "The Man in Black,'' Johnny Cash and Steve Earle.  I hope to see Brian McGrath on a bigger platform with a record label backing him. Oops did I say record label?
 Go check Brian McGrath music at the links below and check out his latest video "Robinson Woods" here in this post.
Youtube Channel 
Apple itunes
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Haunted Like Human - River (Come Back Up)

 A few months ago, more like back in late July, I wrote about Haunted Like Human and how the indie duo from Nashville, TN sounded  like certain musicians, and I must humbly disagree with myself.  Haunted Like Human is much much more, after listen to the song" River (Come Back Up)" the first single off from  their debut album, Ghost Stories- Haunted Like Human is poetically soulful has the potential to being a major indie-folk act with the likes of Ani Difranco and Elliot Smith.
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Fatally Yours - Damn Your Eyes

Fatally Yours is a alternative rock band from  Baltimore, MD.  In their latest video release of their song titled "Damn Your Eyes," the bands high energized music along with sophisticated lyrics that give Fatally Yours their own unique sound that can wake all those millennials out of their vegetated state induced by manufactured music to real rock n roll.

Fatally Yours:
Billy Fisher - Vocals
Keith Thompson - Bass/Vocals
Christian Rivera - Guitar
Chuck Moore - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Justin Posner - Drums

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Last Light - Dashed Lines

Last Light is a melodic hardcore/punk band from in Orange County, California.  What can say about Last Light? Well, their an awesome band with refreshing sound the way hardcore should be. If you your fan of bands like Quicksand, Dag Nasty, and Fugazi like I am, then you will dig Last Light.

Check out Last Light new song "Dashed Lines," from their forthcoming debut E.P. "Exploding Antennae." from Unity Worldwide Records, and check out an interview with Last Lights front man Lance Webber did for the kick ass music website- No Echo

Last Light:
Lance Webber - Vocals
Joe D Foster - Guitar
John Coyle - Guitar
John Lorey - Bass
Danny Baeza - Drums

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The Ocean Party - Beauty Point

The Ocean Party is a magnificent indie pop/rock  band from Melbourne, Australia that resurrects  those beautiful days of the 1980's.  In their latest album release",Beauty Point," The Ocean Party sound will take you back to a time when you first discovered John Hughes movies, you know the 1980's  romantic comedy and the coming of age comedy films "Pretty In Pink" and "The Breakfast Club."  If you you don't believe me sit down have an orange soda and listen for yourself, The Ocean Party song titled, "If I blink."
The Ocean Party- Beauty Point vinyl record

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Red Dogs - Hero

Red Dogs is a female punk rock band from Osaka, Japan.   Red Dogs music reminds me of the legendary punk band Vice Squad and the band Babes in Toyland.  I think Red Dogs have the staying power to be part of the all female punk band elites, but only time will tell. 

Red Dogs:
Haruka - vocals/bass
Maimai - guitar
Kazumi - drums

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