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L.A. Tooze 


L.A. Tooze
L.A. Tooze and band is a indie rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  In L.A. Tooze newest single, "More In Store," the listener can hear a myriad influences from the 1960's folk-rocker Donovan to the 1980's jangle pop group The Smiths, and a more recently notable band Beirut
L.A. Tooze "More In Store" opening  lyrics sets the whole song up for a dreamy classical exploration of unknown for the listener.

Check out "More In Store" by L.A. Tooze here:

L.A. Tooze:      

L.A. Tooze - Vocals/Guitar
Scotty Sippel - Drums
Will Kencel - Bass




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