The Toxenes - Electric Shock

The Toxenes

The Toxenes is a surf / psychobilly band from Minneapolis, MN. What can say about The Toxenes, other than these lovely ladies rock with a raw sound that resembles bands like: "The Cramps" and dare I say "Hellcat and the Prowl."

The Toxenes,with their surf/rockabilly riffs and their aggressive darling punk vocals.will make you want to mosh or, do that classic dance style  from 1950's called the Lindy Hop with your pals or your significant other.

Check out The Toxenes perform in their debut music video for the song "Electric Shock" from their debut album that is out now titled Electric Shock.

The Toxenes:

Ariel - Vocals/Bass
Monet - Guitar
Madalyn - Drums
Killjoy Records